• Mechanics
  • The mechanics at Mountain Air Helicopters are highly experienced, manufacturer trained, FAA certified technicians, specializing in the AS350 A-Star helicopter. Each mechanic is dually qualified as a DOT-certified Commercial and Haz-Mat driver. Mechanics are trained to perform a wide range of repairs and inspections, from the very minor to near complete overhauls. Mechanics perform most maintenance operations under field conditions to ensure flight missions are performed safely and timely for our customers. The impeccable safety and availability record of Mountain Air Helicopters attest to the quality of the maintenance force.

    Mountain Air maintains a fulltime staff of 8 Airframe and Powerplant mechanics.

  • Drivers
  • Mountain Air’s drivers form another link to the professional workforce for every contract. Our drivers have flawless safety records and are DOT-certified in nearly all levels of competency. Although primarily tasked with the operation of the support vehicles and fuel trailers, their duties include the refueling of the helicopters, ground crew support, ground safety functions, and basic aircraft support. Additionally they can be called upon to assist the mechanics with minor helicopter maintenance items.

  • Parts and Logistics
  • The final link to our successful field operations is our in-house parts and logistics department. Mountain Air’s 24 hours AOG service from our home base in Los Lunas, NM ensures the flight and maintenance team always have the support they need to function smoothly. Our network of shippers, parts suppliers, home inventory and company Cessna 414A airplane provide a solid ground for needs 24/7.

  • Safety
  • Our company is dedicated to highly professional, efficient, and safe helicopter operations. Safety will always be our first priority and we will be persistent in continuously demonstrating a high level of safety consciousness in our daily operations.

    The operations and technical staff will always have full support as long as they operate professionally and in accordance with the Mountain Air Helicopters Operations Manuals and Standard Operating Procedures Guide. We emphasize that all members of the company have a duty to openly and honestly report all incidents, hazards and potentials. As part of our culture and Safety Management System such reports are thoroughly investigated in a non-punitive manner.

    Mountain Air Helicopters recognizes the value of operating to a well-recognized international standard. As corporate policy, our company operates to the standards developed and adopted by the Helicopter Associational International (HAI) Platinum Program and International Business Aviation Council and all of its Member Associations. These standards were developed using ‘best practices’ used widely in the business aviation community and reflect the high standards of operational safety that we strive to achieve in this company.

  • Training
  • All employees of Mountain Air Helicopters, Inc. attend annual and periodical training on company policies, standard operating procedures, and the company Safety Management System. Pilots attend training on “flying in the line environment”, low level ground hazards, and professional airmanship. Field audits are conducted regularly to ensure not only that company policies are adhered to but that client policies are being implemented as well.

  • Service
  • As stated before Mountain Air’s core business is SERVICE. In addition to the helicopter, Mountain Air supplies a field service truck / fuel trailer for on site helicopter refueling, long line sling gear necessary for the project and a licensed helicopter mechanic to address any helicopter needs and equipment installation. Our mechanics serve as safety ground crewman. Mountain Air operates a Cessna 414A airplane for crew transport, AOG parts delivery and general field service visits and needs. We take time to understand your project needs and provide customized service for your assignments.